Thasis Telehealth

With over 25-years of experience in the telemedicine and telehealth markets, Thasis consultants advise on how to take the first steps towards exploring a telehealth solution, how to expand an existing program, and how to bolster a plan that may be suffering from myriad factors.

Thasis offers full, end-to-end consulting for raising capital, developing the go-to-market strategy, and even assisting in the technical development of the "app" if needed.
The future of healthcare is virtual. The impact of COVID-19 is proving that telehealth is fast, reliable, and cost-effective, however regulatory and licensing issues are changing fast, and companies need to stay abreast of them to ensure they are on top of every opportunity and obligation as they roll out their offering. Thasis provides clarity, helping you build a solid digital health go-to-market strategy.

We help our customers with the tools they need to turn their vision into performance.

What We Deliver

  Business plan
  Technology assessments
  Fund raising
  Sales acceleration
  Market analysis
  Positioning and messaging
  Brand and logo development
  PR launch material
  Digital marketing

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