Data-Driven Decisions

Thasis ensures that your brand is optimally positioned to drive traffic to your website. In addition, we have developed the Digital Toolbox which integrates all your digital marketing services together allowing you to know your markets and implement strategies that generate data-driven decisions.
Thasis implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is the overall umbrella for anything that brings visitors to your website via search engines. This includes both free and paid traffic. We build free traffic by improving your site's SEO, while using strategically targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to drive significant volumes of traffic.
Content & Inbound marketing
Thasis implements inbound marketing, which is the strategy to achieve qualified lead generation. We create a multimedia content strategy specific to your target markets, designing content flow plans per channel and per market and then integrate them to enable automation processes with access to real-time reporting.
SEO monitoring /audit
Thasis specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your website more relevant for search engines, ensuring that they can determine what your website is about, and know what to rank it for.  SEO also focuses on driving relevant, authoritative links from other sites back to yours.
Lead generation & lead scoring
Thasis creates relevant report routines that enable data-driven decisions.  We integrate your website and other digital channels with Google Analytics, allowing us to monitor which products and services generate more traction, campaign efficiency and respective landing pages, traffic source analysis and goal completion.

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