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SkyDance Vascular Launches New Website In Support of Fund Raising Efforts
By David Moss, Founder and CEO Thasis    Aug 04 2020
Innovative startup reshaping the Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIV) market lays out current
challenges and groundbreaking solution to a critical healthcare procedure

SkyDance Vascular (SkyDance), a company established to transform the market for Peripheral Intravenous
Catheters (PIV), today announces the debut of a new website,, aimed at supporting
its upcoming fund raising efforts.

The new site comprehensively identifies the problems that exist with the traditional PIV design. It further
details how SkyDance’s new product, the Osprey catheter delivery system, will re-imagine the catheter
expecting that it will reduce complications resulting from the use of todays over-the-needle delivery systems.

SkyDance has designed its PIV with a contoured catheter inside of the needle. This patent-pending architecture
is expected to eliminate exposure to infection-causing skin bacteria, as well as to improve first-attempt success,
deliver fluids more efficiently, and reduce the risk of clinicians being stuck by a dirty needle.

“Safety, infection control, and proper medication delivery have been ever-increasing concerns for clinicians and
patients,” said Bill Bold, chief executive officer of SkyDance. “Our new website, along with other collateral
that has recently been developed, will help investors understand the market issues and goals we intend to

SkyDance has three provisional patents filed with 44 claims and employs six senior level executives all with
prior experience in successfully launching startup businesses in vascular access.

“We have tremendous support from key opinion leaders in this field and are excited to partner with other
visionaries focused on improving this critical health process,” Bold said. “Our new website offers investors a
clear view of our dynamic approach and significant introductory information to educate them on our unique
investment opportunity. We look forward to connecting with new partners through this important entry point to
new conversations.”

About SkyDance Vascular
SkyDance Vascular, founded in 2017, is working to redesign the Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIV). Its new
family of products, the Osprey catheter delivery system, will be launched in early 2021 and is expected to
provide a positive impact on PIV bloodstream infections utilizing a uniquely designed process called Skin
Avoidance Technology. Its goal is to deliver greater first-attempt success and lower complication rates,
improved dwell times, greater completion of therapy rates, and increased patient satisfaction. The company has
assembled an executive leadership group comprised of individuals with decades of executive, clinical,
regulatory, and engineering experience, and who together have successfully built other companies in the
vascular access space. For more information, visit or contact Bill Bold at
[email protected]

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